Are You Ready For a BodGround Massage?

Why limit massage practice? Massage is an intimate moment that involves an energy exchange. Let's explore the tingles together! Step out of your routine and let's make the moment we have together awesome!

When we meet, I'll ask you how you like your massage and any areas you'd like me to focus on. Male-to-male (M2M) touch is a powerful way to experience excitement and complete relaxation at the same time.

Once you are comfortably laying on my massage table, I will begin by massaging your back, shoulders, and thighs with sensual massage oils and lotions. Gentle music and aromatherapy from essential oils are typically used used to enhance the mood.

Let my sensual & erotic touch coupled with therapeutic deeper tissue massage take you along a journey of mindful bliss & relaxation!

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Studio location West end of Ottawa

Near Maitland Ave.