BodGround Massage Experience

What is a BodGround massage experience? Massage is an intimate moment that involves an energy exchange between the client and the therapist. I like to explore and see what my client really likes by simply being present and feeling how his body responds. And you can feel free to completely relax, let yourself go and not worry about how your body will respond during our session (unlike in a clinical setting).

BodGround massage experience. Attractive young man laying on massage table and smiling.

When we meet, I'll ask you how you like your massage and any areas you'd like me to focus on. Male-to-male (M2M) touch is a powerful way to experience excitement and complete relaxation at the same time. Experience the thrill of an all nude (both of us) sensual erotic male massage that's therapeutic and totally liberating.

BodGround massage experience. Massaging the neck area.

Once you are comfortably laying on my massage table, I will begin by massaging your back, shoulders, and thighs with sensual massage oils and lotions. Gentle music and aromatherapy from essential oils are typically used to enhance the mood.

BodGround massage experience. Essential oils in a diffuser.

Let my sensual & erotic touch coupled with therapeutic deeper tissue massage take you along a journey of mindful bliss & relaxation!

BodGround massage experience: 2 men in a romantic sensual and erotic embrace

People often ask me, "what is sensual and erotic touch?" My response to this question: generally it involves slowed-down and light finger glides, tapping, various light effleurage massage techniques, and body-to-body contact. Erogenous zones are areas on the body that are more sensitive to touch and often evoke an excitatory response that heightens the sexual energy. If you're interested to learn more about this specific topic, I wrote a detailed article that you can read here: 5 Erogenous Zones to Make Him Melt

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