Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your studio located?

My studio is located in my home, downtown Ottawa near the intersection of Bank St. and Gladstone Ave.


It's my first time and I'm nervous.

Not to worry. I am a friendly guy that always welcomes new clients. I will make you feel welcome and at ease as soon as you walk through the door. 


Is your service discreet?

Absolutely! I am also discreet and request that you respect my privacy too.


Is your service legitimate?

It sure is. New clients will come and see me and tell me that they should have booked me sooner after finding my website. My service is definitely legitimate and I will make your time with me worth every minute!


How long have you been practicing massage?

Since 2017.


Do you share photos before booking?

I value my privacy and do no share photos online. I also don't request photos from my clients. 


I'm married and curious about your service. Can I trust this?

I understand that you might be nervous. Rest assured that I respect your privacy fully. I welcome all new and existing clients to come for massage.


Are you nude during the massage?

Yes I am. I often like to start with a jock first though. 


Is there any sex involved?

While I am pro-sex, my massage is sensual-erotic and therapeutic massage only. This means there is no oral sex and there is no anal sex. 


What are your boundaries during the massage?

Please respect my desire for a relaxed session where I will take care of you. While mutual touch is welcomed, I prefer when my client is relaxed as much as possible with minimal body movements for the best experience. Please refrain from expectations of sex, which includes oral and anal and please refrain from any expectations that I will ejaculate.


Can I orgasm during the massage?

Yes. Let the sensual and erotic energy build first and you can orgasm as many times as you like. 


Can you cum too?

I ask that you refrain from this expectation and allow me to decide in the moment. 


What can I expect from your service?

You can expect a totally relaxed and clean environment which includes my massage studio and bathroom for showering before and after massage. Expect to be pampered and allow me to work my magic.  


Can I shower before and after the massage?

Yes absolutely. Towels are provided.


How do I request a booking?

The best way is to request a date and time through my booking calendar here. If you prefer, you can also text me at 343-803-5028 or send me an email at Sometimes, I may have additional availability that might not show on my booking calendar. 


What happens after I request a booking online?

You'll receive an email to confirm that your request has been received followed by another confirmation email as soon as I've approved your booking. I'm usually pretty quick and so if you don't receive an email, please text or email me directly (343-803-5028 or 


Where do I park upon arrival?

There is paid parking on city streets outside my building (McLeod, Gladstone, O'Connor and near the Museum of Nature) as well as inside my building at 354 Gladstone Ave. Street parking is free after 6PM.


What are your payment options?

I accept cash, all major credit cards, and e-transfer. I leave it up to my client to decide.


Do you charge sales tax?

Yes. The standard 13% Ontario sales tax will be applied to all transactions including payments received in cash.


Is tipping mandatory?

No but it is graciously appreciated. 


What kind of oil or lotion do you use?

I like to use BioTone, a high quality brand that makes gels, oils, and lotions designed for massage. If you have any allergies to certain ingredients such as sesame, please let me know beforehand so that I can use a different oil. 


I heard that you sometimes do 4-hands massage. When can I book my 4-hand massage?

Yes! I partner with a masseur from Montreal, Martin. We plan on doing more 4-Hand Massages soon. Our 4-Hands Massage is offered a few times per year and during select weekends. When available, we will promote it on my website ( where you can request a booking. 


What if I change my mind or something comes up? Can I cancel?

While I'd prefer you didn't cancel, I understand that things may come up. If you must cancel for whatever reason, I ask that you give me as much time as possible so that I can adjust my own calendar. Last minute cancelations (within 3 hours of appointment) are subject to a $90 fee which must be paid via e-transfer before any future bookings. E-transfers can be made to 


Can I call you before I book?

Please text or email me instead as I'm often busy and in a massage session.


Do you have any pets?

Yes. I have a cute and friendly dog. 


What are your studio hours?

Normal studio hours are between 10AM and 10PM Monday through Friday and occasionally Saturdays. I make an effort to stay on top of my booking calendar availability so please check there to make an appointment first. 


Do you send any promotional emails or texts?

Never. When you request a booking on my website, you'll be prompted to enter your email and phone number. This information is for bookings only and is safeguarded at all times. Your information is not shared with anyone. I will not contact you for any promotional offers except to communicate with you after you make a booking request online or to reply to your text or email. 


Do you speak French?

English is more comfortable for me but I do speak French also.


Can you provide an insurance receipt for your massage service?

No, I cannot provide insurance receipts. 


I'm worried about privacy. Can I trust you?

Yes, absolutely! I respect client privacy to the fullest extent. I request you'll respect my privacy also.


Do you do prostate massage?

Yes I do. I use a finger cot (finger condom) and any toys you wish to bring. I ask that you take care of business beforehand (aka: clean inside as much as possible) to prevent accidents on my massage table. 


Can I bring toys for the massage?

Yes you can. Please do. 


Do you do the massage on a proper massage table?

Always. My massage studio is equipped with a comfortable massage table with new sheets each time. I take proper care to ensure a clean and sanitized environment for each client. My studio is kept warm with increased heat to make the session as comfortable as possible. 


How do I contact you if I have questions first?

You are welcome to text or email me with questions anytime: 343-803-5028 | 


How often can I book you?

As often as you like.


Do you ever travel?

No. I always take clients in my dedicated massage studio. 


Do you allow cameras or recording devices?

Never. There are no cameras or recording devices ever. I ask that you refrain from bringing any recording devices also. 


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